Selected publications

Anders, J. Does an aptitude test affect socioeconomic and gender gaps in attendance at an elite university? - in DoQSS Working Papers, No. 14-07 (April 2014)

Anders, J. The Link between Household Income, University Applications and University Attendance - in Fiscal Studies, vol. 33, no. 2 (June 2012), pp. 185–210

An earlier version of this work appeared as: Anders, J. What's the link between household income and going to university? - in DoQSS Working Papers, No. 12-01 (March 2012)

Anders, J. & Whitty, G. Narrowing the Achievement Gap: Policy and Practice in England 1997-2010 - in Closing the Achievement Gap, ed. Julia V. Clark. Springer (2013)

A revised version of this work is available as: Anders, J. & Whitty, G. (How) did New Labour narrow the achievement and participation gap? - in LLAKES Research Papers, No. 46 (January 2014)

Anders, J. Using the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England for research into Higher Education access - in DoQSS Working Papers, No. 12-13 (December 2012)

Anders, J. & Micklewright, J. Teenagers’ expectations of applying to university: how do they change? - in DoQSS Working Papers, No. 13-13 (October 2013)


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